Preventing Cavities in Kids

Posted by daniel on 24 Feb 2014


A common question about pediatric teeth that I often receive is, “When should my child stop using a pacifier?”  Pacifiers have been recognized by the Academy of Pediatrics as a key factor in reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so dentists are aware that pacifier use is beneficial, but it should also wrap up before negatively affecting a child’s permanent teeth. We recommend pacifiers should be discontinued by the age of five.
Finally, I still see lots of kids with many cavities, or Early Childhood Caries.  These children suffer from pain, infection, and it can be a dangerous disease.  
To best avoid any dental cavities, parents need to constantly monitor their child’s diet.
  • soda and juices
  • “sucking candies”
  • sticky or dried fruit snacks
  • eating or drinking at night
  • sour candies.  
There are plenty of healthy foods to substitute in place of these cavity-causing items. The most important one is water.  Water should be used in place of juices and soda’s. Fruits and vegetables are wonderful snacks especially fibrous veggies which can be cleansing for your child’s teeth.  But remember you will need floss their teeth because many fruits and veggies do have sugars which if left on the teeth can cause decay.
Read which foods can help prevent cavities and also whiten teeth!

Originally published February 24, 2014