Advanced Technologies

Laser Cavity Detection

 The Diagnodent uses a laser to measure the fluorescence of decay. Teeth do not fluoresce, but decay will. The device uses a range of numbers that tell the dentist if it is an area that needs to be treated now or simply monitored. The Diagnodent cavity detector catches decay at its earliest stages and allows for minimally invasive dental solutions. Smaller fillings mean less discomfort, less expense and stronger teeth.
                                                                              Soft Tissue Laser

Dr. Klein uses a soft-tissue laser to comfortably and efficiently perform a variety of dental procedures. We can use the laser to recontour gum lines, perform tooth reshaping, treat canker sores and fever blisters, remove suspicious lesions for biopsy, and more.
Laser dentistry is more comfortable than traditional dental surgery. Because the laser seals and sterilizes tissue as it goes, there’s minimal bleeding and no need for stitches. Procedure and recovery time are fast, and most patients resume their normal activities quickly following laser surgery. Many patients report that they feel virtually no discomfort during or after treatment with our soft-tissue laser.